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I am a

Phygital Industrial Designer

I specialise in the connection between physical products & digital technology and services.

I am

Physical + Digital

Having a background in both physical & digital product design, enables me to approach problems and opportunities with a more holistic, ‘phygital’ view. This is how I enhance my creativity to find the best and most effective solutions & ideas. Even if it takes me out of my comfort zone and even if it means not needing a product at all.

Today’s digital technology & electronics enable valuable product-service-systems, enhanced UX, empowerment with data, and much more. But in many cases, we forget to consider whether this is really enhancing the value-proposition or rather just a cool gimmick. I am a critical optimist in that sense.

I make the digital tangible & the physical magical. Not just to wow, rather adding value to the future and now.

Front-End Innovation

I thrive in the development process from business opportunity > to concept design > to looks- and works-like-real prototypes that prove the functions, usability/UX, and value proposition. My work allows for a smooth transition to engineering due to experience with full-service product development.

User-Centred Design
(Usability / UX)

Most of my skills, education, and passion focus on the usability & user experience of a product. I believe excellent interaction is essential for the long-term succes of a product, business and/or brand.

Multidisciplinary Design

With increasingly more complex and interconnected challenges and opportunities, I believe a multidisciplinary approach is key for a successful product.
I like to break the fences between disciplines and form bridges between the experts, so we can work towards a unified, holistic end product.

Integrated Product Design

I always try to keep an eye on the bigger picture. Continuously balancing and developing: desirability, feasibility, and viability; to create valuable products that last.

Time to show some work

This is my focus

My core design values

Designing with responsibility
Being open to & asking for critique
Keep asking why
Because we can, does not mean we should
‘Calm Technology’ principles
Like: “Technology should work even when it fails”,
“Technology should require the smallest possible amount of attention”,
“Technology should make use of the periphery”

Industrial Product Design

Focused on Front-end Innovation: from business opportunity, to concept design, to proven functions & usability with (demonstrator) prototypes.
Practicing: Human-Centered Design, Design Engineering, and Sustainability/Circularity.

Digital Technology

Utilising (new) Digital Technologies (like: Sensing, IoT, AI & Machine Learning, Big Data, VR, AR, Computer Vision) to empower users/products and add value to their lives/business.

(Phygital) Interaction Design

Making digital technology tangible & usable with: Phygital Interactions, User-Centered Design, HCI, Physical Computing, Sensors & Actuators.

Integral Product Design

Continuously balancing: Desirability, Feasibility, and Viability, to create valuable Products, Services or Product-Service-Systems.

Let's get in touch

Send me a message, I’m always happy to talk!

I am currently

Working (full-time) at
Pezy Group

Since 19 October 2020
As a Medior Product Developer at Pezy Group, I focus on ‘Front-End Innovation’. I design & develop products from business opportunity, to concept design, to proven functions & usability with (demonstrator) prototypes. I specialise myself on projects on the intersection of physical & digital. Be it ‘Smart’, ‘Connected’, ‘IoT’, or ‘AI’, as long as there are electronics inside and/or a digital service linked to it, my excitement is ever greater. As a Medior Product Developer I take on more responsibilities, like running small projects & coaching Juniors. In addition, I support our (New) Business Development team with managing clients, strategy & presentations for bringing in new clients and projects.